The Cape House Memorial Garden

The memorial garden at the Cape House was built to commemorate friends and loved ones associated with the New England Food Foundation Inc. Opportunities for memorial gifts of shrubs and benches, engravings of river rocks and a bluestone walkway are incorporated into the design.

The garden was inspired by the devotion and teamwork of the members of the New England Food Foundation. Many members had volunteered their time and hard work to support the organization yet a permanent place of honor had not existed for those members and their families who had passed away. The idea of the memorial garden was born and the concept was developed to include all types of memorials.

The memorial garden is designed to be experienced through walking and sitting in different spaces that commemorate members and their families. The plants are part of the commemoration and were also chosen for their ability to withstand low maintenance conditions and blend with the native plant community on the grounds. The garden was designed by Julie Esteves, of JuliaGarden Design Ltd. She is currently the property manager of the Cape House. The New England fieldstone sitting walls were built by local masonry craftsman Robert Hayes.

There is a special commemorative stone in the center of the garden for Father Francis J. Murphy in honor of his important role and lifelong dedication to the Cape House and the New England Food Foundation. This area is surrounded by thyme to release a fragrance while walking near the stone.


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