The Cape House Guests

The visitors to the Cape House come from various types of organizations such as group homes, Boys & Girls Clubs from different cities, community youth organizations and inner-city schools from all over New England. Our visitors come to spend a few days, a weekend or even a week to enjoy the Cape House and explore Cape Cod away from an urban or institutional setting.

The setting is a large old-fashioned house on a fieldstone foundation, a place where the visitors are guests and where everyone leaves the house in better condition than at arrival. The experience of the house, the grounds and lake is memorable because of the uniqueness of the property. Wooded boundaries surrounding an open field and a sandy beach on the lake creates a private and safe place for recreation and fun for visiting groups.

Comments left by our guests:

“We had a blast! On behalf of the St. Ann’s Home staff & residents. Thank you. Thank you for all that you do to support us and the opportunities you give us. We all enjoy and look forward to the summer and our time at your beautiful Cape Cod property. St. Ann’s ♥️’s Cape House!”

“Our children were able to experience what a family vacation would be like.” – Nashua Children’s Home

Some of our participating organizations: