Recognition and Awards for the New England Food Foundation

The New England Food Foundation has been able to thrive for more than 50 years due to all of the great support from the food industry. The commitment of several organizations have built a strong foundation and the dedication of key individuals is the fabric that makes New England Food Foundation what it is today. Our history and the core values is what we stay true to this day and we believe that it is vital to acknowledge those who are a key part of our organization. New England Food Foundation has created certain awards recognizing key areas that have and continue to be crucial to our success.

We feel that Recognition of the individual and/or the organization is critical but we also feel that a permanent element of the award at at the Cape House is necessary where there are designated areas for the honors so children who visit the Cape House can understand all of the people and organizations that have made their special time possible.

  • Each year when the President of the Board completed their term they are provided an award thanking them for their service to the NEFF. At the Cape House – The Past President names are engraved into individual bricks in the brick walkway entrance to the Cape House and on a plaque in the Founders room
  • The Helping Hands Award is given to individuals/organizations who have provided a major impact to NEFF because they have gone above and beyond in their support, time and dedication. At the Cape House -The Helping Hands Award has a special terrace area next to the benches of the founders of the Cape House in the driveway circle.
  • The Reverend Frances J. Murphy Award is given to a member who has never officially served on the board but who has dedicated time, provided assistance and has been instrumental in the continued success of the organization. At the Cape House – The Reverend Frances J. Murphy Award recepients are listed on a plaque in the Founders room
  • Due to his unwavering commitment and his spiritual guidance – the large playground has been named in honor of Reverend Frances J. Murphy.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual that has consistently gone above and beyond with their dedication to the success of NEFF. This individual should be instrumental in the success of the organization, have a passion that is unwavering and truly represents what the organization is about. At the Cape house – the Lifetime Achievement Award area was created next to the basketball area to add tables and seating incorporating an engraved walkway and terrace in a highly used recreational area.

Over the years, we lost key individuals that we wanted to remember and have them be forever part of the Cape House. We also wanted to give people the opportunity to have a place

  • The Cape House Memorial Garden is a large landscape design near the house for the purpose of memorializing loved ones, providing horticultural value and a place for children to explore while they visit.