New England Food Foundation 2017 Annual Food Caravan

Each year, the New England Food Foundation organizes a Food Caravan prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. In 2016, NEFF collected donations in excess of 10,000 cases of food and nonfood items that were distributed to over 75 food pantries and shelters throughout New England! In 2017, the need remains high as local food pantries are serving more families than ever before! In fact, many organizations are already calling us hoping we are going to help them this season.

2017 NEFF Caravan: Request for Donations (docx)

Here are the details of the 2017 event:

Date of Event: November 18, 2017

All grocery, household, health items are needed (no perishable) with special needs for staple items such as juice, cereal, canned items, peanut butter, tuna, rice, baking mixes, sugar, granola bars, toothpaste, etc. Any branded or store label works! Discontinued items, overstock, short-coded, excess……anything works!

Donation requests and delivery information will be sent out in early October.

Eligible Organizations:

We donate to a variety of organizations from all over New England; some are existing customers of the Greater Boston Food Bank, but many are local grass-roots pantries that rely primarily on local donations. The products we provide vary from year to year based on the donations we receive. If your organization is interested in participating in the 2017 Caravan, please contact one of the following people:

Jerry Larsson 978-807-4461
Donna Dooley 978-663-9000
Rick Daly 774-454-2583